I love everything to do with the process of creating, be it lyrics to a song, a melody, a sculpture, a painting, or a recipe. This is when I feel most alive, most vital and most connected to the world. I returned to painting fifteen years ago after a long hiatus in which songwriting and performing took centre stage. To ease back into the visual world, my paintings reflected the walks I took in the fields and forests where I live. This helped me reconnect with the basic elements of design - composition, line, colour, shape, texture, light and shadow. Nature really is the best teacher on so may fronts.

 In painting, the exploration of each idea lends itself to a series, each with a thread connecting it to the next. My recent paintings are a blend of observation, impression and instinct. I don't have a completed image in mind when I begin. Each piece is built slowly and in layers using elements, shapes and colour that are part of my visual vocabulary. As I go through my daily activities, my eye is drawn to stillness, rhythm, pattern, order, chaos, surface, and depth of field. Though these tend to be opposites - I believe it's the tension between them that creates a certain energy.

The execution of each painting is a collaboration between the moment and the skills/experience I've gained over the years, and an intimate conversation with the canvas, . It is a slow reveal - one that requires trust and a casting off of expectation.

In addition to painting, I have recently been building assemblages - using cast away/found pieces plastic that depict an intersection between humans, nature, and recycling/reusing.