How do I purchase a painting or sculpture?

Get in touch with me through the CONTACT link in the menu on the left side. Let me know which piece you are interested in (by title) and I will try to respond with the price within 24 hours.

Thank you for supporting my art practice and creative life!

How do I purchase one of your limited edition Riverscape Series prints?

Please contact General Fine Craft in Almonte. They are the official carrier of my print series. The prints will come unframed.

Can I ‘live’ with the piece for a few days before making a final decision?

I understand that the purchase of a piece of art is an investment, both emotionally and financially. It is sometimes difficult to imagine a new piece in a space in your home. As long as you live within a reasonable driving distance, absolutely.  I’m happy to come and install it for you for a couple of days.

Can I purchase a work in installments?

Yes. I am happy to set up a payment plan with you which would include post-dated cheques or regular e-transfers. I also take cash or credit.

How long does it take to do a painting?

It’s taken me my whole life to get to where I am in my art practice. Sometimes what appears to be ‘simple’ has taken the most time and experience to arrive at. Some work takes hours, some take months, even years to complete. Everything I do influences and informs both my visual art and musical projects. The learning never stops!